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Musica Giovane launched in Sydney, Australia in January 1980 broadcasting Italian music on community radio. For over a decade it was the only entirely Italian music-based radio programme, introducing hundreds of new artists and bands to its Italo-Australian listeners – from Claudio Baglioni, Renato Zero and Lucio Dalla to Eros Ramazzotti, Georgia, Nek and Laura Pausini. It was the only radio programme that annually broadcast the Sanremo Song Festival “live” in Australia. Throughout the 80’s, Musica Giovane also hosted the Friday MG Dance Nights. Since its inception, the mission remains the same – “To promote Italy’s language and culture via its music”.

This week’s Flashback from the MG radio archives.

FIORDALISO – 1986 – Guest at the MG Dance Night – Sydney Concert highlight!

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